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Polina Nioly: from a blogger manager to CEO of an SMM agency in New York

Polina Nioly started working as a blogger manager and making money on Instagram 6 years ago. Today she lives in New York, runs her own strategic agency on social media monetization, Nioly Media Group, and collaborates with global celebrities.

How Polina Nioly came up with the profession of “blogger manager”

Polina Noily

Polina started her Instagram in 2017, and at the same time she worked as an SMM specialist for commercial accounts. On her own page, Polina tested different promotion methods and used these tools in working with her clients. Through trial and error, she figured out how the algorithms work and created her own system of successful development of companies and business blogs.

Today a big team is working on the promotion of the blogger. At that moment only one person was engaged in managing a personal blog – only its owner. Polina realized that you can promote personalities in the same way as commercial accounts and help bloggers create posts, stories, buy ads and attract new audiences.

She took on all these functions and made bloggers become influencers. This is how the profession of a blogger manager was born – a person who helps to promote a blogger and takes on the tasks of managing an account.

She got more and more clients, and Polina decided to build her own team. She hires the first employees, shares her knowledge of blogger management with them, delegates clients to them and starts to build a company – Nioly Team.

The strategy that changed the blogging market in Europe and the US

Polina Noily

For several years, Polina was managing her Instagram, promoted Russian-speaking bloggers and led the Nioly Team. All this time, she was striving for her main goal – to move to New York.

Polina realized one thing: it was time to scale up and go beyond the CIS market. But blogging in Europe and the USA was absolutely different from Russian-speaking Instagram. They did not make advertising submissions and did not read long posts. They did not start marathons and giveaways. They didn’t launch their own products and only sold ads from brands through Instagram.

Polina quickly figured out how to adapt her strategy to a foreign audience and began to collaborate with bloggers from Europe and the USA. Bloggers started to grow rapidly in the US market and monetized accounts thanks to their own products. The result is evident —the Nioly method worked everywhere.

Moving to the USA, the first million on Instagram and a movie role

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Over the years of blogging, Polina had many projects, launches, and consultations. But over time, management became her routine and she stopped enjoying it. Polina began to work less with bloggers, left one project. The number of tasks decreased and she stopped seeing herself as a manager.

She had antipathy even to Instagram, despite the fact that Polina just recently reached the long-awaited mark of 1 million followers. And all that is thanks to non-standard promotion methods that have become a Nioly feature.

Polina was leading the Nioly Team and taking clients that her team promoted. She also tried herself in new activities – as an actress in the Hollywood movie “WarHunt” with Mickey Rourke and as an investor.

In 2020, she opened her first US company, Nioly LLC. In 2021, she gained 1.4 million followers on Instagram and achieved her main goal – she moved to New York.

New promotion method and work with celebrities

Polina Noily

Polina’s popularity is growing. She blogs, invests in movies, acts in films and is working on the launch of her own line of lingerie, Nioly Underwear. But in order to promote projects to an international audience, she needs a higher level of recognition.

Polina switches her Instagram to English and introduces a new way of promotion – through TikTok. This social network has become mega-popular and, thanks to organic growth, it is easy to transfer people from it to other sites. Polina starts to manage several TikTok accounts in different languages at once, which no one has done before. Her result: in 4 months, she increased the number of her followers from 30,000 to 400,000.

At that time, Polina paid maximum attention to social networks and projects. But the trip to Richard Branson’s island changed everything. Polina met the members of a popular band there and discovered that she had more followers on Instagram than world-famous musicians. But why?

It turned out that most celebrities do not develop their social networks at all. Because of this, they lose an additional source of income and recognition. And here Polina realized that her knowledge and experience in blog management can let her promote the social networks of media personalities and help them earn money online.

First client and first results

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The quick implementation of any ideas is the main secret of Polina Nioly’s success. She immediately began to contact her friends and ask who needs a team to get promoted on social networks. The first client was found very quickly. It was Alisa from the rock band “The Naked and Famous”, who started to develop her solo career.

Alisa trusted Polina’s team, and the work went in full swing. Statistics, plays, views, and followers began to increase really fast. Together with Polina, Alisa released a new track “High Fidelity”, which was also promoted thanks to TikTok.

Alisa’s acquaintances from the music industry saw how the singer’s social networks changed in just a month. Alisa’s case went viral, and new clients began to contact Polina to get promoted by her team.

Creation of the SMM agency “Nioly Media Group”

Polina Noily

As you know, demand creates supply. Therefore, the idea of creating an SMM agency became a logical result of a large number of applications for promotion by Polina. And already in March 2022, the strategic agency on monetization and promotion of social networks “Nioly Media Group” (NMG) began its work.

The task of Nioly Media Group is to help clients increase their income, scale their business, increase recognition and develop their careers through social networks.

Classic SMM promotion no longer works. Most companies, brands, and public people simply do not understand how modern marketing works and do not use social networks to their maximum extent. But you should not be scared of social media. You just need to understand how this tool works and adapt it for yourself.

Template strategies and regular posting are being replaced by new and bold methods that Polina tests on her own sites. And NMG selects for clients only those tools that help to achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

Non-standard strategies and ideas, individual approach are what makes Nioly Media Group stand out from classic SMM agencies.

The first cases of the agency

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One of the brightest cases of Nioly Media Group was the collaboration with the influencer Anastasia Shev. Polina was personally involved in her development on social networks and PR promotion. As a result, 100,000 TikTok followers from scratch in 13 days and participation in private events of high fashion houses.

While working on the promotion, Polina literally connects her brain to the project and generates ideas. She relies only on proven tools and trends. This results in an effective strategy that helps clients successfully launch their business in the first month, gain from 10 to 100 thousand followers on TikTok from scratch and receive invitations to Hollywood movie premieres, the Super Bowl or events of famous designers.

What is the secret of the success of Nioly Media Group? 

Polina Noily

The fact that Polina knows exactly how modern and effective promotion on social networks should be done. And she shares all the tricks with the agency’s clients.

NMG promotion principles:

  • no common and outdated tools;
  • attitude towards the audience as people to whom you convey certain values, ideas and want to help solve their problems;
  • use of non-standard and creative promotion methods;
  • managing social networks not for the sake of money, but in order to communicate with your audience and get their support;
  • a competent strategy is the basis of everything;
  • growth thanks to organic traffic;
  • development of social networks without advertising budgets.

So, thanks to her own promotion methods, in just a couple of years, Polina Nioly grew blogs on Instagram and TikTok from scratch to a total of 2 million followers, started working with celebrities and opened her own agency in the USA to promote and monetize social networks. Now Polina’s new goals are to make a large-scale presentation of Nioly Media Group in April 2023 and gain 2 million followers on Instagram by the end of the year.

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