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How to succeed in the media industry and become popular with the help of social media

Do you dream of success and high income, but do not manage social networks? Then we are waiting for you! Social networks are a modern must-have not only for businesses and entrepreneurs, but also for experts, media people and creative individuals. Why do you need to develop a personal brand? Is it possible to turn social networks into a stable source of income? What mistakes do beginners make, who want to get into the media industry? We will answer all these and other questions in our article.

Why social networks are important not only for business promotion, but also for those who want to get into the media industry


Polina Nioly at the movie premier, LA, 2022

Increasing awareness

In fact each person is a brand that can be developed and monetized. Someone creates a business by producing in-demand goods or services. And someone shows creative skills and expertise. The key point is to show yourself. Only you decide what information to post about yourself on socials and how to build the positioning of your personal brand.

A personal brand is an image with a specific set of characteristics, values, and associations that you create for your audience. The success in the chosen business depends on what image you create in social media. That is why it is important to consider not only improvement of your skills, but also interaction with followers.

Another advantage of social networks is the audience building. For example, popular media personalities “from TV” are moving to socials and attracting a younger audience. Or entrepreneurs, who used to work only offline, significantly increase sales by promoting their services through TikTok or Instagram.

Social media is your business card


For example, if you want to develop in acting, record audition videos for different roles and post them on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube. Promote your social networks, read comments, communicate with followers. And when you send a video for auditions, be sure to attach links to your social media.

By the way, Polina Nioly talked about a new trend in Hollywood in one of her posts. Having the choice between a more talented actor and an actor with millions of followers, producers will settle for the latter because this actor will sell the film better. These are modern realities, and it is important to adapt to them.

The same works for promoting musicians. Many labels first upload just a part of the track on TikTok, wait for it to go viral, and only then publish a full release. And this is just one of the options for making money on music on the Internet.

Nioly Media Group has had a similar case with New Zealand singer Alisa Xayalith. We created a TikTok account for Alisa and gained 6,000 followers and more than 700 thousand views from scratch in two days. The goal was to launch her single “High Fidelity” and get a certain number of plays on social media not involving a label. As a result, we not only achieved, but also exceeded the set goal.

A similar success can be repeated by beginner musicians. Record tracks, post as many trending videos on TikTok with your songs as possible, and one day your hit will go viral for sure. By the way, it was thanks to TikTok that Doja Cat, Megan Thee Stallion and Lil Nas X became famous.

Beneficial cooperation and increase in income

The stronger your personal brand is the more your popularity grows in social networks and beyond them, and the circle of people interested in you expands. And this, in turn, brings profitable cooperation offers, increases audience loyalty and sales of your products or services.

Many famous people and brands run social networks “just for fun”, not even suspecting that these sites can be monetized. But thanks to the right tools for promoting your business and personal blogs, you can significantly increase your income and sales.


Strong personal brand → Increasing awareness and growing popularity → Profitable offers for cooperation → Income growth


Besides, with the help of social networks, it is much easier to attract the attention of the people you need and agree on cooperation. After all, why should you make the mistake of not blogging in the age of social media when you can use every available resource for self-promotion and development?

What mistakes do beginners make who dream of popularity and career growth?


Go straight to agents and not try to develop social networks

As a rule, at the beginning of your career you have a lot of ambitions, but few resources, so you need to use data wisely. Don’t rush to look for an agent, sign a contract with him and pay for promotion. As long as no one knows you, hiring an agent is useless. Besides, you may meet dishonest agents who will offer inefficient promotion methods, but at the same time ask for a high commission from you. Sponsored articles or magazine covers, participation in popular shows won’t bring the desired recognition, since people simply are not interested in you. Just check out how it works with invited guests on a YouTube show. The number of views of videos featuring famous people is just huge, while the same shows with little-known guests provoke only such comments as “who is this?”, and these shows get few views. But that is your reputation.

Polina Nioly also has had a bad experience with a PR agent, which she shared on TikTok. “You don’t need a PR agent to start growing as a public figure or celebrity. Until you have an audience, an agent is just a waste of your money. At the end of 2019, I decided to develop in the media space and hired a PR agent. It turned out that he was just pumping money out of me, buying unnecessary articles and offering to create a Wikipedia page about me when no one really knew me. They wanted to create an image of me as a stupid girl with money, who will become popular only if she pays for everything. But this approach could ruin my reputation forever. When I found out about this, I filed a suit against the agent and won this suit.”

That is why the first thing you need to do is to develop a personal brand and show yourself on socials. Determine who your target audience is and where it is located. Study the features of the chosen platforms and try to publish different types of content, analyzing the response of the audience. This way you will get an audience of loyal and interested people, who will be active in your socials and promote you as a person. And thanks to the promoted social media, you will be the one who decides with whom and under what conditions to cooperate.

Irregular posting on social networks

The main thing in any social network is regularity. Challenge yourself and post content every day. Analyze social networks, see what works, what doesn’t, track trends and try to adapt them to your blogs. And if you don’t know how to use different tools, don’t see the result, or don’t want to spend time on it, you can always hire an SMM specialist.

Develop only one social network

Show yourself on different platforms. Post stories, shoot Reels and write posts for Instagram. Record trending videos on TikTok and YouTube Shorts. Share your thoughts on Facebook, Telegram, Twitter. Write expert articles on LinkedIn or Quora. It all depends on what area you want to develop in. If you are promoting several social networks, don’t just copy-paste content, but post unique content on each social network. So the audience will be interested in watching all your blogs.

Tip from Nioly Media Group: Don’t get scared to grow social media at any age and under any circumstances. One of your videos may go viral on TikTok and you’ll become popular within a week of blogging. And if you are thinking about entering the international market, then accounts in the most popular social networks are what you need for successful promotion abroad.

Act, experiment, and you will certainly succeed!


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