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from Polina Nioly and full promotion of the client in social networks

Delegate all your social networks to a team of specialists under the personal supervision of Polina Nioly. Polina is directly involved in the development of the promotion strategy, its implementation and is personally responsible for all deadlines, KPIs and key decisions.

Your task as a client is to carry out pre-agreed tasks, follow the recommendations of Polina, managers, provide content on time and watch how your social networks grow.

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  • if you want to enter the international market, promote an existing project to the international audience, or make a successful launch from scratch;
  • if Polina Nioly’s involvement in the project is important to you and you want to work with her personally;
  • if you want to develop your media presence and reach a new level as a celebrity.

Read the case and what results an NMG client achieved during the period of full supervision under the guidance of Polina Nioly. In 13 days her blog grew from zero to 100,000 followers. And now we are engaged in her offline promotion and are already collaborating with luxury brands.

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What is included in the service package:
  • The strategist and creative manager of the project is Polina, who personally controls the entire process of work.

Team for the project:

– Supervisor-mentor and project strategist — Polina. Her tasks — content generation, strategy development and implementation control, mutual work on content creation (all ideas and tasks of managers are personally checked by Polina).

– Senior SMM manager is the lead strategist of the NMG team who holds key meetings with the client to discuss strategies and work plans. This manager monitors the work of an SMM specialist, controls the entire process of implementing strategies, holds meetings with the involved specialists on the project.

– SMM manager chosen specially for the project. This manager ensures the creation of a content plan according to the approved strategy, adapts content to different TikTok accounts, taking into account the nuances of the country and its residents, and also creates a separate content plan for Instagram, and provides a full cycle of work with accounts to achieve your goals.

– Manager on content posting and building relationships with the audience (commenting, answering questions, collecting statistics and requests / questions to generate new content) — a separate specialist who is geographically located in the required country to ensure that the content gets into the recommendation of the audience we need.
Nioly Media Group staff members to ensure the desired result (video editing, story design, copywriting, etc.).

  • The package also includes full work on all accounts and Instagram of the client.

Services included in the pack:

  • 25 hours of personal work with Polina Nioly (2 strategic sessions (1 hour each) and assistance in the work chat)
  • Content plan with ideas and references for posting on TikTok, Pinterest and Instagram for 1 month
  • Creation of an image and a single concept for the promotion of a personal brand
    Organization of posting on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest
  • 1 strategic session with a personal manager (1 hour)
  • Story maker services: development of unique style for stories, design of stories
  • Text translation services for publications in three social networks
  • Video editing, writing texts and search for audio tracks for publications in TikTok and Instagram
  • Creation of detailed scenarios and instructions for shooting content
  • Copywriting, content adaptation for each social network
  • Working with comments, requests and building relationships with the audience on Instagram and TikTok
  • Weekly reports on the results of work in the work chat
  • Final report at the end of work
  • Assistance of a personal manager for 1 month of work (weekdays, except Sundays)


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