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from NMG manager

A complex package within which the client delegates all tasks to NMG specialists. Depending on the project complexity, number of social networks and goals, a team of 3-7 people works on each project.

Your task as a client is to implement pre-agreed tasks, responsibly approach to shooting content, deadlines, and follow the recommendations of the manager. And NMG takes care of all the rest.

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  • if you want to increase your presence in social networks, grow in the media and increase awareness under the supervision of an experienced team;
  • if you want to fully delegate social networks to specialists who will help achieve your goals in due time.

Your level of involvement is discussed in advance. Usually you may need to shoot content* according to the instructions of the manager in the agreed amount and meeting deadlines.

*content shooting can also be delegated if required


The cost of the package may vary, depending on the scope of work, goals and objectives of the project. If you have a unique project that requires additional services, submit an application and we will prepare an individual offer for you.

What is included in the service package:
  • Content plan with ideas and references for posting in TikTok and Instagram accounts
  • Adaptation of the content plan for posting on Instagram and recommendations for “transferring” the audience to this social network
  • Creating an image and a single concept for the promotion of a personal brand
  • Posting management in one main account
  • 1 strategic session with a personal manager (1 hour)
  • Answers to questions, brief reporting on request on any day, if necessary, 2 additional calls with a personal manager
  • Video editing, text writing and selection of audio tracks for publications in your account
  • Creation of detailed scenarios and instructions for shooting content
  • Copywriting, content generation for publications
  • Work with comments, requests and building relationships with the audience in the account
  • Weekly reporting on the results of work in the work chat
  • Final report at the end of work, as well as a work plan and recommendations for the next month
  • The assistance of a personal manager for 1 month of work
  • The cost of assistance may vary depending on the complexity of the project, its goals, objectives and scope of work.
  • Strategy development is not included. This service can be paid additionally or you can have a consultation with Polina Nioly or NMG manager
for one social network
for two social networks
* discount available if you pay for several months of work in advance


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