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mentorship from NMG manager

That is the minimum package to work with the NMG team. You implement the promotion strategy in social networks by yourself, but you do it under the control of the NMG manager.

The manager draws up a content plan, gives feedback, recommendations on shooting and editing videos, and suggests how to create viral content. Your task as a client is to follow the strategy and listen to the advice of a specialist and watch your account grow.

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  • if you have time and resources to implement the developed strategy;
  • if you are not ready to allocate large budgets for promotion, but want to get results;
  • if you personally want to control all processes and make decisions.
What is included in the service package:
  • Selection of ideas for videos (ideas, scripts and references for videos)
  • Complete content plan for 1 month
  • Posting concept (how much, how and when to post)
  • Recommendations on promotion
  • One strategic session with a personal manager (1 hour)
  • Selection of audio tracks for publications in the account
  • Weekly reports on the results of work in the working chat
  • Answers to questions, brief reporting on request on any day, if necessary
  • Final report on completion of work
  • The assistance of a personal manager for 1 month of work
  • Strategy development is not included
*The price is calculated based on the advertising budget.


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