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Our key task is to make your business grow at an accelerated pace. Our goal is to give you a specific measurable result in a short time.

Digital brand promotion doesn’t work on intuition. Our team relies on complex market analytics and interaction with the target audience. When making decisions, we always estimate and analyze their effectiveness and we are not afraid of making new ones to give you the best result and save your budget.

Mentorship from NMG manager
Strategy development from NMG
Full promotion from NMG manager
PR Supervision Polina Nioly
Supervision from Polina Nioly
Media kit development by Polina Nioly
Media support
Online Booster
Waitlist for social media services
Waitlist for social media camp
If you haven’t found the format of work that suits you, we will offer a package of services personally for you based on your goals.
We invite you to a free 10-minute brief call to discuss your goals and choose the most effective promotion format.
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