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Is to make your project grow at an accelerated pace.


Is to give you a specific measurable result in a short time.


In our work, we only use tools that have proven their effectiveness in organic promotion. We analyze and apply only those creative digital marketing resources to your project that will bring you the best results. We aim to deliver results, and every client should be our best case

We aim at delivering results. And every client should be our best case.

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Digital marketing agency

The old management no longer works. It’s time for new solutions, bright strategies and creative digital advertising.

You will get all this at organic advertising agency NIOLY MEDIA GROUP


Our task is to make the brand recognizable and thereby increase the profit of your company.

Your task is to trust our experience and watch the result.

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Our team of over than 150 people is focused on the results of our clients in key performance

Digital brand promotion doesn’t work on intuition.
Our team relies on complex market analytics, cost effective advertising and interaction with the target audience.

Starting from concept creation — to brand packaging, from social media packaging — to a complex promotion strategy.

When making decisions, we always estimate and analyze their effectiveness and we are not afraid of making new ones to give you the best result and save your budget.

Our digital marketing firm will help and assist you at any stage of your brand development – we will

improve the existing brand strategy and increase your profit, or we will create a new brand on a turnkey basis.


We have no niche or budget limits. The agency employs more than 80 experienced employees, who have great cases with huge organic marketing growth of projects and promotion in socials.
Each social network works according to certain principles, and the nuances of different spheres are superimposed onto this base. Whether you have a narrow or wide niche — we will personally select a team for your project, and if necessary, we will hire additional narrow-specialized employees.
Creative brand company NMG helps to promote social networks in any niche: from the beauty industry and personal blogs to medicine and trading.
Consultation with Polina Nioly — in an hour and a half, we analyze the project in detail and draw up a step-by-step plan for its digital promotion and monetization for 6 months or up to a year. Clients receive only those recommendations and tools that will be effective for them, and not for everyone. The plan can be implemented independently if you have time and resources for this. Or you can contact digital marketing creative agency NMG and ask for help and we will select the best option of our cooperation to achieve the set goal.
Mentoring from the team — implies the client’s independent work on the project, but under the supervision of an organic marketing agency NMG specialist. The work begins with a consultation, building a strategy, unpacking the project, and then its competent packaging in social networks. Then, under the control of the manager, you move step by step towards your goal and close it. That is an option for those who have time and who are ready to invest it as much as possible in the development of their social networks.
Personal supervision from Polina Nioly — we create a team of 7 to 15 people to work on the project, depending on its size and complexity. Building a strategy, selecting cost effective marketing services, PR and other processes are carried out under the personal supervision of Polina.
NMG is one of the creative digital marketing agencies which specializes in organic promotion, not targeting. Yes, among the services of the agency we offer targeting and website promotion, but our main competence is the generation of organic traffic.
The goal of NMG promotion is to create effective content that promotes itself. We make it so that the content gets into the top, it becomes noticed and published in the media. And most importantly, we generate a funnel using organic free traffic, which leads to a key action and directly affects the profit of the project.

Depending on the request and the budget that the company has, we will help you choose the optimal pack of services to achieve your goal.

NMG is an organic digital agency and we work with all social networks. It all depends on the niche and goals of the project. Usually we combine 2-3 social networks. We choose one main network, for example, TikTok or Instagram, and additional ones, based on which social networks will bring more profit to the client.
Some companies should develop YouTube and LinkedIn, others — TikTok. That is why we have employees who specialize in different social networks. Creative digital agency NMG can offer a full range of promotion services on any platform, as well as combine the development strategies of several social networks to achieve the best result.
Of course! Creative digital marketing agency NMG has such an option — supervision from Polina. Polina personally supervises the project and draws up a promotion strategy, PR strategy and digital creative marketing strategy, and then checks each stage of moving towards the set goal. In total, clients receive more than 20 hours of personal work with Polina.
The work begins with a consultation. Polina literally connects her brain to the project and starts to think like its author. She thinks about what she would do, what management will be the most effective, what tricks to use for digital marketing creative promotion. Next, a step-by-step strategy is built and a team is created depending on the project complexity.
The main advantage of personal supervision from Polina is a focus on PR promotion and recognition in the media. If you want to promote a project far beyond social networks, that is, to develop it both online and offline at the same time, this is the best option in creative brand agency NMG. But due to the fact that project supervision takes a lot of time, Polina works with a limited number of clients per month.
If you want to get personal assistance from Polina, apply in the form below. If your project meets the conditions of supervision, we will invite you to a brief call to discuss the details.


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