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How Nioly Media Group Attracts Clients By Showcasing Polina Nioly’s Experience?

Founded by Polina Nioly, Nioly Media Group is a strategic agency that offers services of complex media promotion of artists, bloggers, influencers, and businesses. The agency’s pool of clients has been growing at an accelerated speed in the past year and keeps attracting new customers from all over the world. One of the main reasons for people to seek assistance from Nioly Media Group is its CEO Polina Nioly who serves as an example of the effectiveness of the best practices the company has to offer.

But what exactly has she done that made her Nioly Media Group’s best case and let her personalized consultation and strategy building be the most in-demand among clients?

1. Experimenting Approach

Having run her account for 5 years, Polina Nioly has shared a lot with her audience and highlighted several topics depending on what was happening in her life. Back in 2019, she used to position her account as a travel blog because she rarely stayed in one country for more than a few months. After getting some cross-cultural experience, she also brought up the topic of what it is like to date people from another culture. Later on, her blog’s theme transitioned into a more expert account where she explained how she manages her socials and increases income, inspiring others to find new sources of income. In the past months, Polina has actively shared her insights about making money as an immigrant, the experience of being in the film industry, and her life in the US.

But it is not only the topics of the blog that Polina Nioly changes, but also the language she uses and the target audience she has. In April 2022, Polina switched her blog to English and started to attract more English-speaking followers. It was quite a challenge and a big decision to make, but she was ready for all the risks.

Polina Nioly at Cannes Film Festival, 2022

2. Readiness for Risk

Changing the language of the whole communication on her Instagram account meant Polina had to let go of her audience that did not understand English and attract those who did. It was not easy, but Polina Nioly took the risk to pursue her goal of getting into a more international social media world:

“I was worried that there would be problems with attracting an international audience. But a lot of international audiences are coming. A big percentage comes from TikTok.”

Polina Nioly was ready to be patient and start all over again in terms of introducing herself to the new followers and sharing facts about herself. Staying strong and testing new ideas led Polina to have 1.4 million supportive followers interested in her personality and what she does. She finds the key to her success in the following:

“I came to what I have now only because one day I was not afraid to take responsibility for myself and my earnings. You can see the result for yourself.”

3. Transparency & Audience Loyalty

Never having paid ads on her Instagram account, Polina Nioly values her audience and connects with it very well. Not only does she share her life and is not scared to show her vulnerable side by talking about the insecurities she had in the past and addressing hate, but she also shares what she does for a living and the working process of her business.

The latter allows potential clients of Nioly Media Group to see how the work is done from the inside and analyze the cases the agency already has. For example, in 2021, Polina Nioly was working on the promotion of an Asian immigrant musician and her single on social media. Polina shared the experience and results along the process. Owing to that, she attracted even more clients from the music industry. Polina says:

“The decision to make an open case with Alice was one of the best ones. It was thanks to the fact that I shared in detail every stage of work with her and the results we got, so that more and more people learned about our successes and my role in this. As a result, the promotion of media personalities is one of the top areas of work in Nioly Media Group now.”



4. Working Experience with Other People’s Socials

Of course, having great results with your blog does not necessarily mean that you can help others reach success, if you don’t have enough experience in social media consulting. Every blog is unique, and the strategies that worked for you might not work for others. However, Polina Nioly has more than five years of experience not only in managing her own Instagram account, but also in promoting socials of businesses, American bloggers, and, as mentioned above, musicians. This is how her working experience led Polina Nioly to create her agency. In her Instagram account, she writes:

“After the first case, I got more clients and it was them who contacted me. Then I realized that it was time to create an SMM agency — Nioly Media Group.”

This idea worked out pretty well. These days, Nioly Media Group counts more than 100 employees and offers a variety of services for developing and creating marketing strategies, promoting businesses, and monetizing socials.

Since Polina Nioly holds a very powerful personal brand and leads by example on how social media can be managed and promoted, the agency offers packages that include personalized consultations run by Polina herself and they are in high demand.

5. Regularly Renewed Strategies

Being convinced that any promotion strategy doesn’t last forever and should be constantly adapted to the changing social media trends and innovations, Polina Nioly has never used one and the same strategy for years, but was always generating new ideas and approaches to make her account stand out.

Even when attracting the audience, Polina Nioly used various tools, including advertisements in other blogs and getting the audience from her TikTok account. Nioly Media Group’s strategies vary depending on the resources and goals of its clients.

Since all the trends change super fast, the one who comes up with a new idea that works wins. Will you be the winner or the observer? Looking back at her journey, Polina Nioly gives the following advice:

“My advice is not to think for years before doing a key action. An idea came up — test it right now, don’t wait for someone else to implement it.”

These five key elements make Polina Nioly a great example of a successful social media promotion. Potential clients get inspired by her results, her mindset, and her approach to work and, therefore, are ready to become Nioly Media Group’s customers.


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