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media kit development by Polina Nioly

A media kit is a file that contains detailed information about you and/or your project. The purpose of a media kit is to make brands, partners, and potential advertisers want to cooperate with you. By providing your socials as a profitable advertising platform for them, you can further enhance the appeal of your media kit

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  • if you have more than 5000 followers on any social network and want to monetize your blog;
  • if you want to cooperate with brands, large companies and go on brand tours.
What is included in the service package:
  • Development of a media kit personally by Polina Nioly based on the information received from you
  • 3 lectures from Polina Nioly, in which you will find information on how to use the media kit for your promotion, make yourself known and create offers for successful cooperation with brands
  • Access to the channel with exclusive events and collaborations with brands, where you can use the media kit
  • Personal recommendations on account monetization from Polina Nioly


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