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5 Reasons to Start Monetizing Your Blog — Tips from Nioly Media Group

Blogging has stopped being just a hobby quite a long time ago. Bloggers have become opinion leaders and turned social media into a stable source of income. And here you don’t have to be a millionaire blogger. Even beginners with several hundred followers can start making money on social media. The main thing is to effectively monetize your blog.

In today’s article, we will tell you what benefits social media monetization brings and how you can make money on the blog. Here are recommendations from digital promotion agency Nioly Media Group.

What is blog monetization?

After you have chosen a topic, created a blog, uploaded its content and got an active and loyal audience, you can start to monetize your blog.

Blog monetization is the conversion of traffic into money. That is, a way to generate income from social networks thanks to followers and visitors. There are many tools for getting income. And only you can decide which one to choose.

A life hack from Nioly Media Group. We recommend paying attention to the response of the audience. As soon as followers start asking you about some services (consultations, training) or goods (how to order, where to buy), you can safely start monetizing social networks.

Why should you monetize your blog?

1. To develop a personal brand

A personal brand is the image of a person in the eyes of potential partners, customers and employees. Through a blog, you can show your expertise, share knowledge and, grow your recognition and popularity, increase the check for your services.

Analyze how you look for an expert in some niche. Most likely, what matters to you is their professionalism, good feedback and cases. And even if the cost of their services is higher than at the market, you will agree to it, because you understand the value of an expert. This is the developed personal brand.

2. To promote a blog

Paid ways to promote social networks work much more efficiently than free ones. But this requires a budget, which beginners don’t always have. Where to get money for promotion? From your own blog! Start monetizing social networks and make it a rule to invest all the money you earn back into promotion. This way you can grow your blog faster, increase the number of your earning options, and get higher income.

3. For additional or main income

A blog can be your side job or your main source of income. It all depends on which option you like best. For example, you work as a designer and get income by creating websites. At the same time, you show your achievements and cases in the blog, and give useful recommendations. People see your expertise and want to become such cool specialists as you are. So, in your free time, you can give consultations, teach design tips, or publish a tutorial. This will become your additional source of income. Or you can stop working on design orders and devote yourself entirely to online teaching, earning only on the blog.



4. To be able to become self-employed

By getting income from a blog, you can quit the job you hate, become a freelancer and build your own schedule. This is the main advantage of employment in social networks — freedom, the ability to work for yourself and do it in any place convenient for you. You also get a unique experience of cooperation with different people, companies, brands and can form a community of like-minded people.

5. To create your own business

A modern blog is not only a place for self-expression, but also a business project. By gaining new followers and coming up with different monetization options, you can create your own empire and enter the international market. Just as Polina Nioly did it.

By the way, in one of the previous articles we talked about how Polina started making money on Instagram and four years later opened a company in New York. Therefore, if you want to open your own business and become financially independent, be sure to monetize your blog. And here are some ways to increase income using social networks.

How can you make money on the blog?

  1. Receive monetization from the site itself. For example, it works on YouTube for each video view.
  2. Sell ​​your own products and services.
  3. Make money on teaching by creating online courses or training on the topics of your blog.
  4. Collaborate within a partner program, receiving a percentage of sales for each purchase made through your link.
  5. Receive donations from followers for blog development.
  6. Create exclusive content and make a paid subscription to it.

You can use one of these options to earn money, or all at once. Choose the most relevant monetization methods for you personally and turn your blog into a stable source of income.


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