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How Polina Nioly started working with celebrities

If you look at your work or skills from a different angle, you can find a lot of new opportunities for your development. That is exactly what happened to Polina Nioly, who thought she would never again manage socials and consult people on this topic. And today she happily gives her consultations, completely changed the concept of her company and works with world-class celebrities. No scandals and intrigues — right now we’ll tell how it happened!


Goodbye, Instagram

Polina Nioly started her social media career as a blogger manager and has worked in this niche for 4 years. She had many projects, launches and consultations. But over time, the work became very routine and brought no more pleasure.

“In recent years, I have worked very little with bloggers, I left one project. The number of tasks decreased, and I stopped seeing myself as a manager. The reason might be the fact that I generally had some kind of antipathy toward Instagram. I was tired of this platform, and I thought about leaving it completely. But for some reason, I forgot that there were other social networks.”

Polina Nioly


The chance meeting with One Republic

British entrepreneur Richard Branson regularly hosts meetings with successful people on his private Necker Island, and one of the guests was Polina Nioly. Nobody could guess that this trip would completely change Polina’s career and her company.


“Last year on Richard Branson Island, I met the members of the music band “One Republic”. We followed each other on Instagram and I had more followers than them. How is this possible if the guys are known all over the world?”


Polina was surprised why the social networks of a popular group attract so few people, and she decided to conduct a mini-research. It turned out that most celebrities don’t develop their socials at all. But this negatively affects their income and popularity.


“The same day I came up with an idea — I will be a person who will change this. With my management experience, I can promote the social media of media personalities and help them make money online.”


From idea to action — one step

The main feature of Polina Nioly is the quick realization of any ideas. She immediately began to write to all her friends and ask who needed a team for SMM promotion on socials. This way Polina found her first client — Alice from the rock band “The Naked and Famous”, which at that time was developing a solo career.


“Alice trusted my team with no questions asked. We started working, and the statistics, plays, views, and followers began to grow incredibly fast. Everything worked out very quickly. I realized that having experience as a blogger manager, it is very easy for me to promote musicians.”


Nioly Media Group and world-class customers

The longer Polina worked with Alice, the more other people learned about her services. Polina talked about Alice’s case on her social networks, and Alice advised her to her friends. Clients came by themselves and asked to promote them on social media.

As you know, demand creates supply. Polina Nioly began hiring employees and opened a strategic agency Nioly Media Group (NMG), which specializes in the promotion and monetization of social networks.


“Moral of this story? You see that someone has a problem — offer a solution — and build a business on it.”


Today, NMG works with world-class celebrities and international brands. Monthly management, depending on the scope of work, costs from 10 to 120 thousand USD.

Why so much? Because an individual promotion and monetization strategy is created specifically for each project. Customers know that their investments will be paid off in the first week of cooperation, and are ready to pay for the result. After all, this way they save their time and are engaged in their own development, while social networks are being developed by Nioly Media Group.

That’s how one meeting on a deserted island of a billionaire let Polina Nioly change her career and start working with celebrities.

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