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5 rules that will lead any person to success

Why do some people succeed in everything, no matter what they do, while others constantly complain about their failures? The bad news is that there is no magic secret. The good news is that you can create your own success by taking the right actions. Over the years, Polina Nioly has been developing her own principles that help her promote a business, increase income and implement any ideas. Read the article and apply Polina’s rules.

Haven’t succeeded on the very first try? That’s ok!

Looking at Instagram stories and TikTok videos, you may think that Polina Nioly always killed it on the very first try. But all large-scale goals were not achieved that easily. Blogging on Instagram was scary because all the people who knew her and her friends were laughing at her. She needed 1.5 years and a lot of money to get an O-1 visa to move to the USA. Then, when Covid spread all over the world and many countries closed their borders, Polina almost got stuck in Europe after filming in the movie “WarHunt”. And the first red carpet at the Venice Film Festival almost turned into hell due to problems with her makeup and dresses.

It was hurtful, disappointing and unpleasant for Polina. She learned the hard way, cried, but pulled herself together and again strived to achieve her dreams. And if, after every failure, she thought “it means it is not mine,” there would be no New York, no her own company, no dream life.

Polina Nioly, Cannes Film Festival, 2022

“There will always be many obstacles on the way to the goal. It’s only a matter of your choice: stand up and move on, or give up and watch others make your dreams come”

Switch off your fear. If you don’t succeed the first time, that’s ok. Try again and again, try different ways to achieve the goal, until you do achieve it. Despite tears, pain from failures and the desire to give up, Polina Nioly was following her dreams and created her own rules of success. We are sure they will help you too!

1. Make decisions quickly

An idea came up — immediately, just in the first 10 minutes, do at least one action to implement it. Do you want to improve in social networks? Take a photo, write a post or make a video and publish it on your blog as soon as possible. Got an idea for a business? Share it with your employees right away. Of course, some of the ideas won’t be implemented in the end. But when there is no period of waiting and overthinking, you just act. And this increases your chances of success.

“Wanna do something — go and do it. There are no more than 10 minutes between the moment I’ve got an idea and the moment I’ve started to implement it. The scheme works only this way. Yes, because of this fast speed, failures happen. But that is absolutely normal. The main thing is to act.”

2. Always increase your income

Every month your income should become at least a bit higher. It doesn’t matter if your income is stable or not. What is important is that every month you put more and more effort into improving the quality of your life. Use new tools to earn money, improve your professional skills and develop in different niches. Thanks to this rule Polina Nioly manages to grow her income so quickly.


3. Planning

Develop the habit of writing down absolutely everything you need to do and make a clear plan. You can keep notes in a paper notebook or planner, on a magnetic board, in special apps or notes on your phone. The main thing is to set a goal, break it down into subtasks and get closer to the final goal every day.

“Every day I have at least three mandatory tasks. At the end of the month, I put it all together, analyze my results and draw up a new plan. This helps me be focused on current goals and not get distracted by fever priority tasks.”

4. Engage in various activities

Boxing, ballet, travel to new countries, learning languages, horse riding, knitting, dancing. This is just a small list of activities you can try to constantly stimulate your brain and broaden your outlook. Moreover, the more varied your activities are, the more flexible your brain is. Why do you need to do it? To generate as many various ideas as possible and create new businesses.

5. Delegate

If you can delegate part of your work or household tasks to someone, do it. Many people are stopped by the thought that “ I’ll have to spend money on it.” But you free up time for what you really like, and you can focus on more effective things.

“I delegate everything I can. I have a dog sitter for my dog, I have a chef, I don’t iron or do all the housework stuff. I completely free my time to work and create something new.”

Remember: your success is only in your hands. Every day, by choosing even a small action over inaction, you get closer to your goals. Therefore, promise that immediately after reading this article you will do what you have been putting off for a long time.

And if you still can’t start a blog, although you really want to, and you give up just because the usual promotion methods don’t work, or you don’t know how to promote your business on socials, seek advice from specialists. Polina Nioly and the Nioly Media Group team are ready to help you!


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